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[Hey everybody James here from all American Guardian.Com. Today we are going to talk about purchasing your domain name for your business Web site. It’s pretty much the first thing you have to do the first step you have to take in order to get online. So that’s considering you’ve already chosen a domain name. What I like to do when I’m researching domains just to see what’s available because sometimes you’ll think of the perfect name and you’ll go onto a domain registrar like NameCheap or GoDaddy and you’ll search for that domain name and it’s taken. And then you’re bummed out and you’re like man that was the perfect name. So what I like to do is just take a piece of paper, just take a blank sheet of paper and write down about 20 names that would be suitable. And then you go to the registrar. I’m here on NameCheap now since this is the preferred domain registrar you know that I’d suggest and that I used to buy your business domain name. So you go here and you type in each of these domain names that you’ve brainstormed that you’ve thought of and it’s going to immediately tell you if these are available or not. So the ones that are not available you just put a cross… You know put a line through it. By the time you get down to number 20 you’re going to have a handful left and then of those you know five or six that you have left hopefully you’ve got at least five or six left, hopefully it’s not like one because that pretty much narrows it down for you but you’re going to choose the best domain name for your business.

Of the five or six that you have left after you’ve crossed out all the ones that are not available and again we’re talking about dot coms, that is my preferred TLD or top level domain is the dot com versus dot net or dot org or some of the others out there like dot site, dot biz, dot website, or dot online. There’s a ton of them. Remember there’s over 1000 of them out there but you really just need to focus on the dot com. There are certain instances where the dot net or the dot org would be OK as well. But really we’re just going to focus on dot coms. So I really just wanted to walk you through in this video how to actually purchase a business website domain name from namecheap. So you’re going to go to namecheap name cheap dot com appear in the address bar. And once you arrive to a page like this I’m not signed in or anything right now you’re just going to search. And so for example I’m going to use my business name and I’m going to use a TLD that I do not recommend only because I do want to go all the way through the purchase purchasing process the checkout and everything for you but I really don’t feel like spending 10 or 15 bucks on a domain name that I’m not going to use. So just for example purposes today I would demonstration purposes I’m going to buy a TLD that is 88 cents per year. It’s super cheap even after tax and cost me about a dollar. So do not purchase this type of TLD domain name.

This is only for demonstration purposes. Okay so I’m going to go with all American dot site. I’m going to show you real quick dot com. I guarantee you all American dot com is taken. So this is what it will look like if it’s taken. It will have an X and they’ll say this domain is not available. You can make an offer if you want to try to buy that from whoever owns it. They’ll reach out on your behalf and tried to help you purchase that domain name. But you’re talking about a really long process. And more than likely whoever has that domain name you can go check it out. Actually go open up a new browser window and go to the domain name you’re trying to purchase. If someone already has it and just see what type of business is there chances are they’re not going to sell you that domain name even for a high price because they’ve already got their business branded around that domain and set up on that domain. So I would not even worry about that. And it gives you a lot of alternatives. If you’re doing name is not available it will say you know all American dot com it’s not. This was not available it’s kind of great out. But all American dot club is available. It’s a very expensive TLD $140 dollars a year all American global all American dot online $288 all of these TLD’s are ones that I do not recommend. OK so let’s just try maybe and let’s just see. I’m just curious let’s see if dot net is available all American dot net not available.

And let’s see if all American dot org is available. No not available. All right. So I’m going to choose one that I know is available and is super cheap just because I really want to know if it’s I really want to be able to show you, let’s say we’re going to search all American dot site. This domain is available 88 cents per year. Okay. So what are your what are you going to do now after you find a domain name that is suitable for you for your business and that is available where it says This domain is available. You’re going to click on this shopping cart plus sign. It’s going to then add that to your site. I’m sorry. Add that to your shopping cart. Okay. And then we’re going to go to view cart and remember I’m not even signed in yet. OK. So right here just kind of shows you what’s in your shopping cart your domain registration all-American dot site. Let’s just pretend that’s a dot com. One year registration we can change this over to auto renew. That way we once we put our credit card information in it’ll just use that every year to renew the domain name on time and we won’t ever have an expired domain. You don’t want to get into that situation. Now one thing I want to pay attention to this domain name that I’m purchasing is 88 cents. Right here you see this crossed out version $25.88, I believe that’s what it will be when I renew so I won’t be renewing this. Like I said it’s only for demonstration purposes.

But right here whatever kind of deal you get if they’re having a sale or something it will typically show you the crossed out the normal price that will renew it every year. So this one’s 88 cents. There’s an I can fee of 18 cents that’s fine that’s always there and then right here is the Whois Guard. OK. So the WHoisGuard is what protects your information. Total anonymity came and say that word, anonymity and privacy for you for your most important info. So this is going to protect like your name your address your phone number things like that your e-mail address. That way people can’t look at it it’s not going to be public information. It’s free for the first year and then it’s only two dollars and 88 cents after that. So it’s really affordable. I mean for the privacy I like to get it I don’t get them on all Web sites but typically I do like to get that who is guard on there because it’s so cheap and I’d just like to keep my information private. Now you see something else here on my screen that has nothing to do with Namecheap and that’s this little box that’s popped up with an “H” here and it’s just coupons found coupon codes… 7. If I click apply coupons, It’s going to search. It’s going to try all the coupon codes that it has that you would typically type in right here. Where it says promo code and it’s going to find the one that’s best for me. That’s going to take off the most amount of money.

What this little box here is is called the Honey extension for Chrome. And that’s honey. Just like the honey that you eat, HONEY, if you go over and just search on Google for Honey chrome extension it’ll pull up right here in the Chrome Web Store and mine’s already added to Chrome. So obviously I can’t re-add it unless I delete it. But you would just click on Add to Chrome and you may have to refresh your browser in order for it to activate but it’s really neat. I’ve saved. I don’t know if I’m going to save anything on this particular purchase because it’s only a dollar and 6 cents. But typically when I buy domains that are around 10 bucks or so I can sometimes get a dollar or two taken off from the coupon codes that honey finds. I’ve also it’s popped up and you can use it on other purchases online as well. Like let’s just say for example Macy’s. I don’t know for sure if it works for them but other clothing stores and things like that. Any type of shopping you do online when you get to the checkout page. Typically this honey app will pop up and you can try to apply any coupon codes. That way you don’t have to go out there and search for it kind of does the work for you and if it saves you a few bucks. Awesome. And again this app or this extension is completely free so I’m going to hit apply coupons and it’s just going to go through the process of testing these codes.

The screen is going to blink a few times while it’s doing this as that test each code it kind of refreshes the screen or something. So that’s completely normal I don’t think that your computer is freaking out or malfunctioning or anything like that. Let’s see. I think it’s almost done. There’s only 7 codes that it had to test sometimes there’ll be you know 15 or 20 different coupon codes that it tries out so it may take a few minutes. But like I said if it saves you a few bucks it may be worth it. Okay so there’s no buyer’s remorse here you already have the best price. Continue to checkout it didn’t find any codes to take anything off of this one dollar and 6 cents. Okay sonand going to confirm. Order and at this point I’m not logged in. Okay so you’re either going to have to log in which is what I’m going to have to do or you’re going to have to create a account if you don’t have an account already with namecheap you’re just going to create one username password. This is pretty self-explanatory. First name Last name and your best email address. I would probably check this box off turn that check work off because it says yes sign me up for name cheeps newsletter and marketing communication. It’s just going to fill up your inbox with more more spam. Not that it’s spam because you know you are giving them permission to do it here but I typically just uncheck those so that I keep my inbox a little more cleared out so I’m going to pause the video here. Log in and then all start the video again once I am logged in. OK.

So I’m logged in now and again this is just looks like an order page order review 88 cents for the domain name 18 cents for. I can’t fee and the first year of the WHO is guard is free. Total is one dollar and six cents. I’m paying with PayPal now. But you know you can pay. You can sit here and select other payment options. I believe we’ll let you pay with any kind of you know debit or credit card but I’m going to go ahead and pay with PayPal and then let’s see people come on. There we go. So I’m going to log in to PayPal my password protected there. Can’t really see it. I’m not worried about anybody knowing my paypal username. You can go ahead and feel free to send me money if you’d like at that PayPal email address. Let’s see here securely log in you. OK bank go ahead and just pull funds over from the bank account. I don’t really use my paypal a whole lot anymore now that I have Stripe so sometimes there is nothing sitting in there it’s just connects to my bank account. You might hear my dog barking in the background. I’ve got a black great Pyrenees that he’s only about 2 years old and he weighs like 85 pounds. He’s out there he sounds like a giant monster barking. Let’s see. OK. Awesome so bum bum bum. OK. So that’s it. I’m just going to go over to we can go to manage on either of these.

And that will bring us over to where we can make some changes to the actual domain name and point it to our hosting. But because I haven’t showed you how to pull up your or how to purchase hosting it that will be the next video. I believe that the next video. Yeah we’ll probably do a how to purchase hosting. Since I haven’t done that yet we’re just going to leave this as is. I’m going to go back to the main namecheap page. I’m logged in. So if I go under my domain names here let’s see account dashboard and we can see right there. All American dot site. It shows that we purchased it today on April 17th, 2019. And…yep it’s there so we can manage it from right here. This is where we’d go in to make changes to the DNS settings and stuff. But like I said That’s talk for another day we’re going to go ahead and cut this video where it’s at. Because I don’t want it to get too long and overwhelm you. I’m kind of trying to provide this information in small chunks so that you can just do one step at a time and you don’t have to watch a video that’s you know 30 minutes or an hour long just to get one little piece of information. So with that said if you have any questions about this hit me up in the comments below. Whether you’re on my website or here on YouTube and I will get back to you as soon as I can with any answers. Also feel free to help answer other questions for people if they’re asking questions and you definitely know the answer. Feel free to chime in.

You know we can get a little conversation going in the comments that’s always welcome. So hit the bell icons so that you’re notified of any new videos I put out. Also hit the subscribe button over here on YouTube and I will see you guys on the next video. Thank you.] End of Transcript