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[Hey everybody good evening. This is James here from All American Guardian.com. OK so last night I went over a video on how to set up your hosting OK had a sign up over a Downtown Host. It would be a similar process over on InMotion or any other host you choose to go to if you choose to use one of the ones that I don’t recommend like Host Gator or even GoDaddy. It’s a similar process. You’re just going to go through putting you know is going to ask you for username and password, Obviously payment information, and then what you’re URL is or your domain name. So once you’re signed up they’re going to send you an e-mail. Now every hosting company’s e-mail looks a little bit different. But what I’ve got on the screen right now just in my Yahoo account. This is an old Yahoo that doesn’t really use so if you email something to this I probably won’t see it at least not for a long time so please don’t e-mail me here. But basically they’re going to send you an e-mail that just shows that you’ve created a new account. It’s good to have your domain name. It’s good to have your IP address. It says shared because it’s a shared IP address that’s what shared hosting is you’re all using the same IP address on that hosting account. You and how many other people they plan on putting on that server. Right here it’s got my username and password hidden which is good. I know what my password is. But this is the important part right here.

OK name server 1 and name server 2. This is the information that we need to take and then go over to our Namecheap account which is where you purchased your domain name and we need to put these into the section for name servers. This is what’s going to connect your domain name to your actual hosting account. Okay. Because there are two separate things. So when you go to your domain name which right now let’s not go to the domain name that I purchased just for example I purchased all American dot site. And again that’s just for example purposes for demonstration. I do not recommend purchasing a dot site TLD you need to purchase a dot com. So when I go to all American.site the domain name that I purchased right now is just giving me a default page over here at Namecheap. OK. This is not connected to the hosting account yet, the hosting account is where all of our website files are stored. That’s where we’re going to install WordPress and then actually put whatever the content we want on our website. So in order to connect these we’re going to take this name server information. There’s typically two name servers, name server one and name server two. Most of the time they’re going to be something like NS1 which stands for name server 1 and NS2 and that’s going to have a domain name after it. So mine are set up on my hosting account which is a custom hosting account and custom name servers but yours may say something like NS1.downtownhost.com and NS2.downtownhost.com.

puzzle pieces connecting domain to hostingIf you’re on InMotion it may be like NS1.inmotionhosting.com and NS2.inmotionhosting.com. Whatever they are sometimes they’re weird they may have strange numbers in them and stuff and different symbols. I know GoDaddy does something that looks a little strange that strange. Instead of saying Go Daddy dot com in their name server is his domain control. So typically I can look at names servers and tell immediately who the hosting company is. Just by the name of their name servers. But in our case for this example the name servers are NS1 and NS2 at StatWebDesign.com. So I’m going to take that. I’m going to go over and log into my Namecheap what I’ve already done just to cut down on the length of this video. I’m going to go to the domain. This is the list of different domains that I’ve purchased on this Namecheap account. I’m going to go to the all-American adult site and click on manage OK so once we’re in here we’re going to go right down here to this section that says name servers and right here there’s a drop down arrow and we’re going to click on custom DNS stands for domain name servers. Okay so right here’s where we’ll put pen as one dot stat web design that’s the name of my name servers for this particular hosting account. Yours will be different. You have to look at the email that the hosting company sent you and if you have trouble you can’t find it or they didn’t send you the email or something like that.

All you have to do is contact support and ask them Hey I signed up, This is the domain name I signed up under, Here is my username. Are they probably won’t ask you for a password they may ask you for your email address or something like that to verify who you are and they’ll probably just rescind you the email so that you’ve got your name servers if you missed it or if it went to your spam folder or something like that but once you put these in here you’re going to click this green arrow to the right to save those now once they’re saved there’s a little arrow pop a box that comes up appears as DNS server update may take up to 48 hours to take effect. So what that is called is propagation. OK so domain name propagation. Sometimes the domain name takes up to 48 hours to propagate meaning to update. OK. To get that message out that hey the DNS has changed this domain name is now not just parked here on on Namecheap. It’s actually connected to a hosting account because we just connected it. OK. Now sometimes even though it says up to 48 hours typically I see it change within an hour or so sometimes within minutes. It just depends. It probably depends on on how busy they are or how busy the net is with different people updating stuff. I really don’t know exactly what makes it go faster or slower but that’s just my guess.

But like I said typically it’s within an hour or so and you can go and test it and see by just going back to your domain name hitting refresh and you see it still it has not propagate yet it’s only been you know 30 seconds so we probably need to wait 10 or 15 minutes and I’ll check again. But definitely if you were to do this one day come back the next day. Maybe 24 hours, 20, 24 hours later. Chances are it’s going to have propagated and you will actually see something on the screen. I wish I could show you right now but I’ll probably have to just save it for the next video because I can’t really show you until it happens but I won’t do anything with the site. I won’t install WordPress or none of that stuff until I’m able to show you what the site looks like. Once the domain name propagates and it’s pointed to the new server so that’s all this video is going to be about. It’s just setting your name servers to basically connect to your domain name to your hosting package to the server that your hosting account is on. So that’s it for this video. If you have any questions put them in the comments below. I’d be happy to answer them if I can’t answer for you. I will find the answer for you. My name is James Reeves with AllAmericanGuardian.com. Make sure you click the subscribe button if you’re on YouTube and I’ll see you on the next video.] End Transcript.