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Hey everybody James here from all American Guardian.com. Tonight I am standing because my back is killing me. I have a herniated disc between L5 and S1 and I am supposed to go see a surgeon here in about 2 days so hopefully this will get taken care of soon but until then I cannot sit all the time so I’m standing at my bar at night. Anyhow the topic of tonight is going to be setting up your own custom email addresses within the Cpanel. So different hosting accounts handled this differently. But the two that I’ve mentioned to come with CPanel and so it’s very simple to set up your own email addresses at your domain. So for example if your domain is mybakery.com and your name is James and you want to set up your own custom email address for yourself there it would be James(at)mybakery.com or you know for in the case of my business, All American Guardian, I have James(at)AllAmericanGuardian.com. So in order to setup that custom domain like that you’re going to have to go into to Cpanel. So here’s your Cpanel. Remember to get to Cpanel, you do your you type in the address bar your domain name forward slash cpanel. So I am going to log in to cpanel real quick. Okay so I pause a video for just a second if it seems like it jumped. That’s why I just pause so that I could log in.

So now that we’re in Cpanel we are going to scroll down until you see email accounts right here. Now you see there is a space here says enter account name and then it already has at AllAmerican dot site because that is the test site that I’ve been using for everything with you guys so I’m going to just type in James at all American dot site password. We are going to make sure it’s not visible. It’s going to ask me to type the password one more time just to verify as I typically will set unlimited on our mailbox quota. And then, if you were setting up this email for an employee for somebody else on your that is within your business organization and you were doing this set up for them you could send them a welcome email that has their configurations instructions. But if you’re just doing it for yourself or you work really closely with someone and you can just log in and you know sit down with them at their desk and show them how to log in. Then you don’t need to do that so I’m just going to uncheck but that option is there if you need it. Next you just hit create a account and it says success. Now it’s going to list that e-mail account right here. Okay. And from here we can go in and change the password. So you know let’s say you had one of these custom email at your domain email addresses for all of your clients are on site. All of your employees if they ever forgot their password or let’s say they quit working for you. Or you fired them or whatever.

They will all be listed here you can reset the password you can delete the email completely. So you’ve got total control over their email addresses that way. You know you can shut off communication between them and your clients if for some reason the relationship went south or something like that and they were fired or left on bad terms. So that’s how you set up custom email addresses. Now how do you get to where you actually log in on that email address. You’re going to go to your domain name forward slash webmail hit enter and it’s going to ask for a username. I actually used to say username now just says email address which is the same thing so I’m going to type in James(at)American.site Do my password and there we are. Just click on “Got It”, it’s trying to give me some prompts the first time you will log in. Okay so right here there’s three choices. These are different web mail applications. I happen to like the RoundCube but you can use any of these and I’ll open all of them just so you can see. So HordeI don’t know if that’s Horde or Hordee. I don’t know how I pronounce that, I call it Hord. This is what the inside of the the email inflation looks like for Horde. If we hit the back when I used to use this one and actually it was. They’ve changed it they’ve made it better. I may start using it again. But over the past probably three four or five years I’ve kind of gotten used to Round Cube. So this is what Round Cube Looks like pretty similar actually.

But I think that might be kind of feeling partial to Horde. I may go back to using that one instead. And then this Squirrel Mail, man this thing is really really old it just looks like you know some type of email inbox out of 1999. And so I stay away from this one. But then also if you don’t want to have to choose every time you log in you can set one of these as your default. That way right when you log in it automatically opens up your webmail application that you like to use. So and then from here everything’s pretty standard just like regular email addresses. Read regular email account. They’ve got a calendar and here an address book where you can keep all your contacts tasks up having and use that on here yet notes while they’ve added some stuff on here so it’s kind of cool. You’ve got an inbox Drafts Sent folder you can add folders. What else does it have on here. Obviously log out here you can change over to the other email clients other email applications you can change your password security forwarders a lot of people use forwarders on these custom domain emails so people just you know I think in general people get used to using Gmail and Yahoo, Gmail probably most of all. I think that’s probably the number one email address email service out there is Gmail, and there’s a lot of cool things you can do with Gmail.

And so a lot of people instead of having to log into a Gmail and log into their custom e-mail address what they’ll do is just set up a forwarder right here so that any emails that hit their custom business email address will just get forwarded over to their Gmail where they can look at it from there. Then in another video I will show you how you can actually customize your gmail. So that when you send email from that Gmail, it will have your custom email address in the from category. Instead of saying from you know all-American guardian at gmail it will save from James at all American Guardian, just for example so I will show you how to do that in another video. And if you guys have any questions about send up these email addresses. Just let me know. It’s very simple. I think I walked you thru it pretty quick here. It’s only been about 8 minutes so if you have any problems setting these up let me know in the comments below either on my website here on my blog or here on YouTube and I will see you guys on the next video. Thank you.