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[00:00:01] Hey everybody, James here from AllAmericanGuardian.com. So, the following video after this is going to be a video I shot last Monday that I actually lost when I was in Denver Colorado or I thought I had lost when my laptop died when I was in the middle of processing the video. I had forgotten my laptop charger at home back here in Houston. So I thought that I lost a video… Rerecorded some stuff just using my webcam. Just rerecorded some stuff using my cell phone and so some of that content I’ve put out there on YouTube is going to be repetitive a little bit repeated from this video. But at least in this video that you’re about to see I’ve got my screenshare on, so I’m showing you some stuff. Anyhow, enjoy the video even though some of it like I said I’ve already said in a previous video it’s good content and let me know what you think in the comments below.

[00:00:59] HEY EVERYBODY. James here from All American Guardian. So as you can tell I’m in a little bit different location than my dining room where I usually set up and kind of work. That’s like my home office right now it’s my dining room but I had to take a trip from Houston over to Denver Colorado for some sales training this week related to a full time job. So some of you have asked and maybe explain in another video, I can’t remember if I explained in another video but I still work full time as a registered nurse. I am in a clinical liaison position with a home infusion pharmacy and that’s basically a sales position.

[00:01:36] It’s a sales and marketing position. I have a little bit of patient interaction still but mostly I’m there for sales reasons. So anyhow, until…I’ll continue doing now working full time until I can far surpass my regular full time job income…my 9 to 5 income with my internet based business. So the page you see on the screen here now all American guardian, that is my business where I provide a service for business owners or people who have websites already in place. I keep their websites secure from hackers keep all their files up to date. Keep the software they keep all their files backed up and also do 24/7 up time monitoring so that if anything happens, the site goes down or it’s unreachable for some reason there’s a server problem. Something like that. I’m notified immediately and can start working on getting their site back online. So anyway that’s the service I provide with all American guardian and will continue to build that up until like I said until I can surpass mine my full time 9 – 5 income and just work from home full time. So this next set of videos probably the next five to 10 videos will be shot from right here in this hotel room and then I’ll be back at the house after that. Okay so let’s just pick up where we left off last time. Yesterday we were talking about who needs a website and pretty much came to the conclusion that everybody needs a website. I mean if you are a business of any sort.

[00:03:18] Whether you are a stay at home mom or your big company or a doctor or a lawyer or whatever you need a website for to establish your presence online your legitimacy that you are a real business and also that you know to use it to your benefit to help you and to help your customers get the information they need about your business. So today we’re just going to do a quick segment on what exactly is a Web site like I you people know what Web sites are but what makes up a Web site like where is this information coming from that we see on the screen. Where is it stored. How does it get there? How do you see it all that sort of thing and how is it available 24/7 like how can hundreds of people go to the same Web site and see the same thing and same time like you know it’s kind of strange or anything about it if you don’t really understand how it works so many try to simplify and break it down. And I’m not even an expert on all of that stuff. I’m not like a guy who manages servers or any of that kind of stuff. I’m not like a super geeky I.T. guy but I do understand quite a bit of it, a little more than the average person. So the main things. There’s really just three main things you need to have a website. One is a domain name. I’m sure everybody knows what a domain name is. I’ve got McAfee Security scans popping up on my screen. Yeah just remind me later there McAfee, I’m in the middle of something. All right. Sorry about that guys. OK so everybody knows what a domain is.

[00:04:55] I mean go daddy was…Go Daddy was doing major advertising for several years there. I mean they even went as far as I could and John Claude Van Damme and their advertising so they did a lot of advertising. You remember with your name Danica Patrick drove the race car that had Go Daddy stuff. And I believe so. They really did a lot of advertising and a lot of people normal people for Go Daddy was the only place that you go to buy domain names. But there’s actually hundreds or maybe even thousands of different registrars online where you can go in and buy domain names. And a lot of those guys are resellers of of the main sites. And another video all talk about who I like to use for domain name purchases. But your domain name is your Web site dot com or wherever that is. So like for me All American Guardian dot com that’s my domain name dot com is the TLD. TLD Stands for top level domain. OK. So you know the most common TLD is a dot com. There’s also a dot net and dot or. That’s probably the the two second most common and third most common TLD uses the dot net and the dot org. I think at this point I looked it up there’s over a thousand TLD’s. So they’ve got .biz, .IO, tv, body, .diet, .health, .medicine, .pub, oh another popular one is dot edu. So a lot of universities and stuff use those.

[00:06:36] But with all these choices of TLD’s a lot of people think oh I need to get a dot biz or they look up the perfect name. You know the name that describes their business the best and I like dot coms not available so I’m going to go buy a dot online instead of a dot com. I would not suggest doing that. So for example let’s say your business was called AAA Bakery. What’s kind of a common name like triple AAA that that’s used in a lot of business names and the word bakery. Thousands of bakeries across the country and across the world. So the chances of a bakery being taken. And actually let’s just go right now. I said I wasn’t going to tell you right now who I use for all my domain and purchases might as well tell you I use namecheap. And when I go why use them later. But let’s say AAA bakery and it doesn’t matter if you capitalize or or whatever keep it lower case aaa bakery dot com I guarantee you this is taken. If this is not taken I’d be highly surprised andddddd, OMG! Ok. Bad example, bad example. AAA Bakery is not taken. Wow. OK. What about like Main Street Bakery I can’t believe Tripoli bakeries not taken. That’s crazy… Main Street Bakery… Let’s See…it’s thinking. I’m on hotel Wi-Fi so I don’t know how fast the internet is here. Man, it’s being slow. Oh Jeez, will have to pick something else or refresh this I can’t take it. This is torture. If it’s torture for me I know it’s torture for you guys so let me refresh this and see what happens.

[00:09:01] I forgot my mouse back at home. So there we go. OK. So Main Street Bakery. It’s a real common name Main Street. People use Main Street and a lot of business names. So Main Street Bakery dot com is not available. But what if your business is called Main Street Bakery while there’s other choices here. So what a lot of people do as I say get Main Street Bakery DOT CO or Main Street Bakery dot online or dot U.S. or dot AI or all these dot live dot club. They find one of those and use one of those instead. You can do that. But I would suggest not and the main reason I suggest not to is because of SEO reasons. Some of these other… In my opinion I think some of these other TLD deals like the dot clubs or dot on lines do not have as much weight or as much…what’s the word?… not as was much respect in Google’s eyes as the traditional dot com. I think a lot of people use these other TLD’s and kind of spam them. And you know they’ve abused them. And so I would stay away from them. Also…and that was I was mentioning SEO, for SEO reasons, that’s search engine optimization. Which we’ll get into later on. But that’s basically how people find you organically through their search engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing.

[00:10:36] But also I would not use a different TLD other than dot com because people aren’t going to remember that… You know when you say yeah GoDaddy, go to just go to go to a dot com just go to namecheap dot com go to Main Street Bakery dot com if you say go to Main Street Bakery dot online, people are probably going to go to a dot com which is somebody else’s bakery, OK. It’s just hard to remember all those different TLD’s when you’re a customer you know much less. It’s hard enough just remember that the name of the business you don’t want to make them try to remember a TLD also. So dot com is the most common and I would stick with that. OK enough about the domain names because I’ve already probably spent time talking about domain names. So the top the three things you need for a Web site are number one a domain name. I think I’ve exhausted that when we get rid of some of these screens. The next thing you need is hosting OK so to go back to domain name just for a second the cost of a domain name is about 10 to 15 bucks per year depending on where you purchased it. Ten to 15 bucks a year. I mean it’s super cheap. So now on to hosting hosting is basically where all of your are all of your files are stored. That make up your Web site. So your Web site could be a one page Web site and you literally just have like one file an index file which would be your home page of your website or your website could be made up of thousands and thousands and thousands of pages. So it really just depends on how complex your site is.

[00:12:22] But regardless of if you have one page or if you have one hundred thousand pages you’re going to need a place to store all of those files. Now website hosting varies from really cheap like a dollar a month hosting all the way up to really expensive you know dedicated servers that cost two and 300 bucks a month 400 bucks a month some even more expensive, To start now, all you need is basic hosting and I wouldn’t recommend a dollar host but maybe something that’s in the price price point of like five to seven bucks a month maybe even ten bucks a month somewhere in their start. Now that’s a pretty, I mean if you don’t have ten bucks a month to invest in your business then you know… You probably don’t need to be in business. So it’s a very small price. And also sometimes you can get a discount if you’re just getting paid for like a year or an advance. Some places will give you you know a month free or two months free or something. So it lowers the price a little bit or if you sign some type of contract saying hey I’ll do hosting for two or three years. I don’t suggest doing long term contracts…no more than a year with a hosting company because some of them you know you start out and everything’s fine and then a few months and you realize when you have a service like mine that’s doing 24/7 up time monitoring for you. You start realizing that your web site’s going down a lot. And it’s because the hosting…the server that you’re on is crap.

[00:13:54] So you don’t want to pay too far in advance for a bunch of hosting until you know for sure that it’s a good company and it’s going to work out. So I would say somewhere five to ten bucks a month for your hosting. You got a dollar a month approximately dollar dollar fifty a month for your domain name because it’s about 10 to 15 bucks a year. So I’m just kind of estimating divide by 12. So really you’re talking like 11 bucks a month 12 bucks a month to run your Web site. So domain name that your dot com hosting. That’s where all all of your files are stored. And the last thing you need is some code. OK. Because if you have a domain name or a dot com and you have hosting you have a web page basically people can go to but it’s just going to be a blank white page there’s nothing there until you put code on that page. So what I mean by code. There’s lots of different types of code. Typically there’s HTML so let me show you this is my website right. All American Guardian dot com. There’s a logo right here. There’s little icons on this particular page that we’re looking at that shows some of the features that offer. But when we go and look at the source code this is what the code of the page actually looks like. It’s a bunch of HTML so you know you don’t have to learn all this if you know HTML and you want to hardcode a web site you know have at it but that’s going to be a quite a bit of a learning curve. It’s going to take you a long time.

[00:15:37] So the alternative to that is to use a content management system like I do and I use WordPress. But you know and that’s what I’m going to suggest is to use WordPress or that’s where you can download the WordPress software which is completely free and use it to build your website. And it kind of does the code automatically for you. There’s other content management systems out there like Drupal and also Joomla. Those are some that have been popular in previous years but really WordPress has taken over and I would say WordPress right now is powering like, I think it said 30 percent of the Internet. 30 percent, it doesn’t say on this page is another page I went to plus I’ve seen that stat on numerous other websites and other education that have you know like seminars and things I’ve watched online. 30 percent of the internet is a huge chunk so WordPress is powering nearly a third of the Internet. So I trust WordPress and that that’s what I do. But if you’re into some of these other content management systems like Drupal or Joomla you know have at it. But definitely it’s going to be a lot faster using one of those than the hard coding HDMI out yourself. So anyhow. I think to wrap up this video is going kind of long when we see how far we are into this video here. Sixteen minutes, holy crap. Ok so what do you need for a Web site. You need a domain name that your dot com the dot com part or dot net or dot org that’s called a TLD. I would only recommend going with dot com’s.

[00:17:15] Forget about all those other fancy schmansy TLD’s, you don’t need those. You need to dot com. Number two you need hosting. You’re looking at paying about five to ten bucks a month. I’ll suggest some good host on a future video here shortly. And then number three you need some type of code on your website to actually put your content on there. Put words, put pictures videos we’re ever going to put so you could actually learn code yourself and type that out and to start to build your website with just hard code or you could use a content management system like WordPress or Drupal or Joomla or one of the others that are out there. There’s other ones to help you build the website. So until the next video I’ll see you next time and we’ll be right here in the hotel room again. All right. Thanks guys. All American Guardian keeping vigil watch over your business Web site.